Lets get rid of cancer!

  • Perhaps we can actually cure cancer and not just manage it.
  • It is not a quick fix. It’s not hype.
  • It’s not based on the present gene-based paradigm.
  • It’s based on a revolutionary new paradigm of how cancer works. Snapshot of an exponential cancer computer simulation

Understanding how cancer really works

Can cancer be cured by computer?  We think so.  At present we are beginning to be able to model and grow cancers in a computer using software. This modeling gives us a whole new and revolutionary understanding of how cancers work.  In the future once the linking biotechnology is developed that translates computer modeled  anticancer operations on artificial cells and their artificial genomes into corresponding operations on real cells and their real genomes then cancers will be curable computer.  Cancer is too complex a process to be understood by humans without the use of computational methods.  Our aim is to use computer programs that model and simulate cancers to gain a deeper understanding of cancer than present molecular medicine enables.  This deeper understanding of the causes, development and dynamics of cancer can be used to develop biotechnological methodologies to cure cancers.  Modeling has shown that a great number of cancers are possible. These have been classifiedinto basic types.  While the general approach to curing all cancers has a common core of methods, each type requires unique procedures to transform a cancer cell into a healthy cell or, if necessary, to identify and kill only cancer cells.

Understanding the human heart

Can heart attacks be understood by computer?  We think so.  Computer models of the heart have been developed and perfected over many decades of research.  We are now at a stage where we can even model the effect of some drug interactions on the dynamics of the  beating heart.  At present one main limitation is the speed of computers.  In response computers are being constructed that will provide a vast speed up of whole heart simulations to enable realistic realtime modeling and understanding of hear dynamics and function. This will lead to more rapid discovery of new operative methods as well as drugs to correct and prevent heart attacks.  Real hearts cannot be cut in half to see how the inside is responding to a drug. With computer simulation this can be done without changing heart functions.

Can stem cells be designed to generate particular differentiated cells for specific needs of patients?  We think so.  At present we are beginning to model the processes involved in stem cell development and differentiation. Potentially this will lead to biotechnology methods to modify real stem cells to program them to differentiate to any particular cell type.

Wound healing and issue regeneration

Moreover, some early embryonic stem cells can generate whole multicellular structures such as tissue of specific types and even whole organs.  As a result, computer modeling and simulation can be used to understand the development of embryos from pluripotent stem cells. The modeling of these processes can be used to understand the genomic networks and cellular dynamics involved in wound healing and tissue regeneration.   Ultimately, we will be able to design and engineer stem cells that when placed in the appropriate location of a lost tooth, are able regenerate that tooth.