A research paradigm for systems and natural biology: Integrating in vivo and in silico modeling methodologies for minimal multicellular systems in drug discovery",

Eric Werner

Contact: eric.werner@cellnomica.com

Fifth European Workshop in Drug Design (VEWDD) May 29th - June, 05th, 2005, Certosa di Pontignano - Siena, Italy. http://www.unisi.it/EWDD/,


Understanding biological processes in healthy and diseased multicellular systems demands an integrated view that combines in vivo with in silico methods. Furthermore, we need to integrate different levels of the systems biology hierarchy. Specifically, that means our computational models must be able to interact. There is the possibility of unifying low level models (molecular level), cell physics, higher level information flow models of genome and metabolic networks, cell models, and multicellular systems. The empirical test of adequacy of our models resides in the semantic relationships between in silico and in vivo models of minimal multicellular systems. Applications for Multicellular Pharmacodynamics (MCPD) are discussed.