Title: Logical Foundations of Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Author: Eric Werner, Ph.D.

Contact: eric.werner@cellnomica.com


In this essay the logical and conceptual foundations of distributed artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems are explored. An attempt is made to provide an introduction to some of the key concepts of the area. These include the notion of a changing social world of multiple agents. The agents have different dynamically changing, possible choices and abilities. The agents also have uncertainty or lack of information about their physical state as well as their dynamic social state. The social state of an agent includes the intentional state of that agent, as well as, that agent's representation of the intentional states of other agents. Furthermore, it includes the evaluations agents make of their physical and social condition. Communication and meaning and their relationship to intentional and information states are investigated. The logic of agent abilities and intentions are motivated and formalized. The entropy of group plan states is defined.